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My Mom Let My Aunt Fuck Me!

FULL SCREEN 720p HD VERSION When Aunt Sadie came to live with her sister Jodi, she knew she would have to make some sacrifices. Sadie was going through a particularly difficult divorce, and a dry spell with men to boot. After a while a girl gets desperate, so she asks her sister for a small favor. She wants to use her son’s cock to get off! Jodi wants to say no, but she knows how bad it is not not be satisfied, so she reluctantly agrees. They sneak into his bedroom where he is asleep, and as Jodi sooths his head so he will not wake up, Aunt Sadie uses the young man’s cock to make herself cum. They do not want to leave him frustrated, so Jodi jerks his Jiz off all over her sisters ass. They leave him in his own mess so he will think it was just a wet dream.

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